Custom Alarm Services, Inc.

Company History

  • Sept 1974 - Custom Alarm Service was founded as a sole proprietorship by Roger Lavallee after several years with another security firm. We offered sales, service and installations of residential, commercial, industrial and municipal security systems.

  • June 1976 - Custom Alarm Service became certified by Underwriters' Laboratories for the installation of security systems.

  • Aug. 1976 - Custom Alarm Service entered the automatic fire detection field. This provided systems engineering, installation, service and testing to mirror the standards of the N.F.P.A., Underwriters' Laboratories, Factory Mutual and the Insurance Services Office.

  • July 1979 - Custom Alarm Service incorporated.

  • Dec. 1979 - Custom Alarm Service, Inc. branched out into internal communications systems.

  • April 1981 - Custom Alarm Service, Inc. began a Digital Monitoring Service to provide 24-hour monitoring of burglary alarms, fire alarms, emergency/medical, low temperature/boiler failure, water levels, etc.

  • Mid-1983 - Custom Alarm Service, Inc. moved into a larger, more modern facility.

  • Early 1987 - Custom Alarm Service, Inc. added Closed Circuit TV Monitoring and Access Control Security Systems.

  • Jan. 1991 - Custom Alarm Service, Inc. enhanced our service to include a UL Central Station for Digital Monitoring.

  • Nov. 1991 - Custom Alarm Service, Inc. expanded out product base to include Large Screen Color Video Projection Systems, High Resolution CCTV installations, Electronic Article Surveillance Gates for inventory control, and Central Vacuum Cleaner Systems.

  • Aug. 1993 - Custom Alarm Service, Inc. added the Bose Built-In Home Entertainment Systems, featuring home theater and music systems.

  • April 1994 - Custom Alarm Service, Inc. expanded once more by moving into a specially designed building on 23 Providence Street in Mendon. We feature a Bose Home Theater Demonstration Room, a showroom displaying products for fire and security systems, central vacuum, audio and intercom systems, as well as all types of safes.

  • Sept 1994 - Custom Alarm Service, Inc. acquired The Alarm Man, a company based in Franklin, MA, and Eric Wilhelm joined our staff as a Systems Design Specialist, bringing with him many years of experience in the security field.

Throughout the years, our honest and sincere business practices have enabled us to develop pleasant and rewarding personal, as well as working, relationships with our varied and very much appreciated clients.

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